About me

I believe that writing is a sacred trust. We acquire information and communicate experience about a topic one of three ways:

1. We experience it. You can’t learn to roller skate by reading about it. You have to go out, fall down, figure it out, establish muscle memory, and practice.

2. We hear about it. Learning by hearing includes everything from a parent teaching a small task to a lecture in a schoolroom to watching television or a YouTube. (Yes, learning by hearing from media sources almost always includes seeing as well. But without hearing the words, the images don’t have the same educational impact. So learning by hearing is the second basic way we learn.)

3. We read. From an almost infinite stream of sources–tweets, novels, old manuscripts, clay tablets, newspapers, websites, Egyptian tombs, white papers, blogs, protest signs…

The function of the word in communicating ideas cannot be replaced. I love the history of language and words, and I love their potential.

It is a sacred cause because words have such power, such potential to help or to hurt. Words can accomplish the unbelievable, and they can tear a society apart. Words can help someone heal and they can protect knowledge for the future. They can stop violence in its tracks, and they can justify horrors.

I consider myself to be a servant to society. I have a love of thinking deeply; of fairness, of kindness, of sanity, of reason, of healthy progress.

I find ways to communicate the possible, and to accomplish the necessary. I love to think about universal constants, but just like you, my electric bill and mortgage and dentist must be paid. So my discipline has been to learn the craft of writing well enough to live from it. Hence the writer-for-hire link which you are very welcome to visit.

This website is me thinking out loud, and inviting you to engage in ideas. Thank you for visiting often, for commenting at will, and for spreading the words.


Katie has written extensively for twenty-six years: white papers, web content, articles in regional and national magazines and local newspapers, conceptual design and ghostwriting. From the complex brevity of theme lines—-in which a handful of words must convey a whole business mission—-to a full-length historical novel, from blogging to writing project specifications, Katie takes a professional, easy-going approach to assisting you with your writing requirements.

Katie offers expertise in a wide variety of fields: a variety of sciences, environmental, art, process, business, project management, design, child rearing, alternative healing, history, social evolution. Lots of other stuff. She is adventurous and creative and loves working on a cool project. Oh yeah, and she loves to design a strong plan that will get the job done…and done exceptionally well.