Hey, American Girls…got that service apron handy?

I just got a look at the future of business leadership and it looked like this: #AsiaWinsTheWorld.

At a social function recently at the highly-regarded Smith School of Business at The University of Maryland, we got to mingle with their MBA candidates.  The demographics were pretty interesting as a big-picture frameof the future of corporate leadership.

Men outnumbered women; that’s no surprise, unfortunately.  But the women candidates were predominately of Asian heritage or from Asian countries. You could look at the faces of those young women (most of whom, I learned,  were from China and Korea) and see that they intended to make their mark on the world, They were investing time and work towards their future.

Where were the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant girls, in a country in which they are a pretty darn huge demographic?
Where were the Latino women?
Where were the women of African heritage?

More importantly, where does NOT being there leave the future communities of these women?  Here’s where: working for The Man, or for The Asian Woman. Not getting the view from the top. Not helping women such as themselves have role models.  Settling for lower-paying work.

Please know: having done low-paying work in my lifetime, I am not disparaging it: I never disparage any work at all. Folks hustling in Mickey D’s have my respect–and more, because they are humping it out for minimum wage and the future can be exceptionally bleak, financially speaking.  But still they smile at us and offer good service.

I am also not disparaging Asians either, men or women.  I actually am very excited by the prospect of learning to speak Mandarin Chinese one day.  I love communications, I love learning, and I love learning cross-cultural similarities and differences.

But the problem with the current female representation in business school is this:  those that lead big businesses have a lot to do with what happens in our country and the world.  I don’t (don’t, don’t DON’T!!!) believe in trickle-down economics. Those on top anywhere in the world want to keep for themselves and for their countries. You would/will, too.  It’s part of human nature.

But I do believe in trickle-down policies.  In fact, they roar down on us like rain from above.  Those on top shape what happens to the rest of us.  Those on top  form policy, public opinion, pay scales and most importantly, OPPORTUNITY, for the rest of the world.

Women of Caucasian / European descent, women of African-American heritage, Latino women: where are you? I can’t see  you from this educational promontory, where the view has so much more possibility.  And if I can’t see you…I guarantee you, neither can the next crop of girls coming up.

Thinking about it,