I’ll laugh later…

Maybe one day (soon) I’ll look back at this post and laugh.  Throw my head back, devil-may-care, and smile tolerantly at my current Stupid Self.

Not today.

I have been trying to understand how to use WordPress off and on for nearly two weeks.  I’m not a technically illiterate person.

I thought.

Trying to get from A to J in WordPress–to get a fairly simple blog going, a few pictures loaded up, some basic page structure, plus a few font/header/footer changes–if a nice older Southern woman was watching me churn mud and spit nails and yank at my hair, she’d shake her head and say gently, “Bless her heart”.

That’s Southern Code for “What an idiot!”

So later, when I’m a WordPress pro, I’ll laugh.  Right now:  not laughing.  Not even a little bit.