I’m (HARDLY!) a social media expert…but wait!

So we went to a meetup tonight in Towson-near-Baltimore, put on by AK Stout of www.SayingSocial.com and Jim Keeney of www.NavigationArts.com talking about social media…stuff.I suspected that I was in trouble when the sign-in sheet asked–not for name and email address–but name and Twittter handle.  Oh yegods…I have one…my husband set it up for my shop.  I think I’m going to have to get a second one for my writing work  and tweet on both of them.  If people are using it for sign-in sheets, by gosh, I need to stop dilly-dallying on that.

There’s gotta be a hashtag about dilly-dallying.  Let’s see: at www.hashtag.org   …no!  How can that be?  No definition for #dillydally?!

Okay, so there was a social hour before the presentation.  During the social hour, everyone lined up and opened their laptops or iPads.

I was under the impression we were supposed to be networking with each other.  Oh.  People were Facebooking.  Oh.  I get it.

Lol..I did not have a PC or an iPad with me.  I felt vaguely naked.  I need to have a screen!my head said.  Maybe I should do something on my smartphone.

Really?  the other side of my head said.  REALLY?  LOOK AT YOUR PHONE?  Everybody else has a much bigger screen! No one is looking at their smartphone!

How lame.  How very, very lame.  I felt loserish.

So then, I started writing notes.  On the back of someone else’s resume that they gave me.

With a…pen.
On paper.

I was clearly the only dinosaur in the room.

Sheldon would have been extremely, extremely comfortable.

But then a buzz of comversation started, and then the speaker got rolling, and I realized I was not as stupid as I feared.  And there were not dinosaur spikes growing out of my back.

I listened to AK Stout talking about the changing role of images in social media–particularly FB and Twitter after Pinterest got rolling…and found myself wondering when image fatigue is going to set in.  I’m already looking less at images on Facebook and more at things folks actuallywrite.

I found myself thinking yes, but if we want pictures to be really effective, they need to make an emotional connection.  Then Ms. Stout said, “The more emotional connection viewers make with the pictures, the more effective they’ll be.”

Cha-CHING, baby!  I was taking notes like mad and feeling smarter every minute!

Anyway, the meeting was great.  Great shout-out to AK and Jim and the event’s sponsor, www.socialtoaster.com.  I got to hear some of my new favorite words like crowdsourcing and social norming and I felt kinda smart.  Like Wegman’s makes you feel healthy just looking at the vegetables.

…and I got to pitch my writing skills.  I’m right in the middle of launching a smartphone app for a private girl’s school.   We’re doing an email campaign and a print campaign in the school’s publications and web pages and a postcard (really…recommended by the app writer!)  For the school newsletter, I wrote an article that would be read by women 18-80.  How to explain an app to some of the older alumnae?

It took some fun creative writing.  I thought it might be geeky, but I wrote a funny little story.  The folks who reviewed it howled.  Not so geeky, I guess.  The editor loved it.

So here’s the moral of this little post:

1.  You know more than you think you do.

2.  If you feel stupid about social media, join the crowd.  There are only a few people who really get it all.

3.  Everybody else, get in and start swimming and figure it out.


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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, AK! Still working tiny bit by tiny bit on getting more SoMe (lol my acronym for Social Media Educated)! I loved your meetup and look forward to next step. Hope you like the most recent post on mattering,

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