Sweetest Little Lemonade…

On July 20, I have to ante up $2139 to The State for taxes.

It’s not in my checkbook.

In Katydid Land, we have had, shall we say, Weather Challenges.  The derecho storm came through the first weekend of July and shut our little town down.  People Did Not Shop.  The first weekend of July is usually a really big weekend, so…ouch.

The second weekend, the one after the 4th of July, also usually a big weekend, featured weather well over 100 degrees, and it was steamy.  So, once again…People Did NOT Shop.

July Weekend #3, today, it was kind of overcast, and the streets were largely empty.  Lordy, what to do?

We rarely do sales at Katydids.  We just try to set a fair price on our goods and leave it at that–but we don’t mind a friendly inquiry about the price, or some fun haggling.  Our belief is that if a customer has a great time in our shop, that’s the most important thing.  That’s what brings them back.

But TODAY WE DID A SALE!  A whopping one…40% off everything in the shop except food items and books.

Everybody who came in got to write on the Tax Bill sheet that showed our declining hill to climb, tax-money wise, that is.     Little by little, $2136 is getting chipped away, $12 and $32 and $139 at a time.

We didn’t make much money.  But we’re having a blast.  So big thanks to all the folks who helped and had fun turning lemons into lemonade for us.

Best always,