Why We Gotta Fight?

I was having a happy moment yesterday.  All full of golden sunlight and nothing-to-do-right-this-second-or-this-hour kinda day, and peaceful.  Su…perb.

So of course I thought of going online and starting a political argument with someone.

Argh! I really did!  Think of it, I mean.   And then the next thought, the sane one, was…what just happened?

Why are we hardwired to find something to fight about?  Why can’t we just be…peaceful?

I don’t have an answer.  Like so many things, the answer may not be as important as the Big Thinking about it.  Because in piecing one thought to another to another, we’ll learn things about ourselves.

Things we might not be so pleased to find out.

But important things.

And I hope we learn how to take a deep breath, and let go of that stupid, useless, unnecessary urge to do battle.

And just enjoy that golden day.  Which, thank goodness, I did once I caught my breath and caught myself in that almost-stupidity, and stopped it.

Think about it…?