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I love the art and science of communication. People hire writers because they need help communicating ideas.

For example, maybe you have a speech to write.

No.  You have a compelling speech to write.

…or perhaps, a critical, bring-in-the-cash fundraising appeal. Or a sexy, savvy technical case study.
Web copy. Blog copy.  A resume to help you change careers.  SO MUCH WRITING!

To choose a writer, ask a couple of questions: can this person effectively help us?  Can we afford the work?

The latter should be a comfortable conversation. You need a budget. I’m very open about helping you get your money’s worth. We’ll talk about what you can afford, and what’s the cost of NOT getting your idea communicated clearly, and we’ll set a target budget.

But there’s no point in doing that unless I ‘get’ your project.  So what do you need?

Freelance articles? Ghostwriting? Fiction/non-fiction editing? Marketing copy? Blog posts? Web content? A speech? Term paper recommendations and edits?  Resume tune-up?  SO, SO, SO MUCH WRITING!

WHATEVER your project, the message needs to be clear and effective. The words should be vibrant, with a call to action. Spelling, grammar and punctuation must be perfect. It must fit into a budget we both can work with.

If that sounds reasonable, let’s discuss your project, go over your questions, and put your ideas to work.



Architectural monograph for DDG, a leading international architecture, planning and design firm

Entrepreneurial Edge: cover feature article for Cabrini College Magazine

IT CASE STUDIES of SUGAR CRM (client W-Systems):
Managing intense publication schedules with SugarCRM at Fig Industries, a design and publishing studio 

Automated processes: super-sophisticatedhighly-integrated CRM
at  Vigon’s  international flavors, fragrances and cosmetics company 

In the palm of your hand: handheld CRM app for  Applied Measurement and Controls

True cloud-based mobility and cutting-edge CRM for Kasina, tech consultant to top asset-management firms


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